Ongoing research projects


  Building Next-Generation Computational Tools for High Resolution Neuroimaging Studies

We are creating an atlas of the whole brain using serial histology of five whole hemispheres.

Supported by ERC Starting Grant 677697 (PI: Iglesias)




Enhanced imaging genetics of the human thalamus in frontotemporal dementia with novel segmentation tools integrating structural and diffusion MR

We are developing Bayesian and deep learning tools for segmenting the thalamic nuclei from diffusion MRI scans.

Supported by ARUK-IRG2019A-003 (PI: Iglesias)




  Software for multi-scale mapping of the human brain

We are improving volumetric and cortical segmentation and registration methods for ex vivo scans in FreeSurfer

Supported by BRAIN Initiative grant 1RF1MH123195 (PIs: Iglesias, Fischl)



  Diagnosing the undiagnosable: studies of Alzheimer disease mimics and confounders via ‘neuropathometry’ of dissection photos with 3D scanning

We are developing tools for 3D analysis of dissection photographs augmented with 3D surface scanning

Supported by NIH grant 1R01AG070988 (PI: Iglesias)



  Portable, Low Field Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for Acute Stroke

The goal is to develop machine learning techniques to improve image quality and extract morphometric measures

Supported by NIH grant 1R01EB031114 (PIs: Sheth, Kimberly, Rosen)




  Functionally guided adult whole brain cell atlas in human and non-human primates (consortium)

This is a consortium; our role is to develop methods for multimodal and multiscale registration

Supported by 1UM1MH130981 (PI: Lein; PIs of MGH site: Iglesias, Fischl)